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I found your details on the internet and identified the product as the same one Dad had bought.  He purchased it some time ago when he was on holiday in Singapore with my sister and her husband.  My sister and her husband had lived in Singapore some time ago when he was in the British Army.

Sydney, Australia

Since my Singapore days, I have been using your Double Prawns Herbal Oil.  It is just excellent for cuts, etc.. I am now in Sydney and kindly let me know, which shop in Sydney stocks your product.

Melbourne, Australia

My mother bought some Double Prawn Herbal Oil when she was in Singapore. She would now like to purchase another bottle – do you sell this product in Australia?


I have used your product Rumagon and have found it to be beneficial for muscle aches and am looking to buy a few bottles for my family.


My mother-in-law got a sample of this from her acupuncturist and says that it works very well for her.  She is wondering if it’s possible to get more in case she runs out of it.  Your help is much appreciated.


I go to acupuncture here in State.  Recently my doctor applied Double Prawn Rumagon which gave me immediate relief of pain in my knee.


Hello there, we recently stayed in Hong Kong on a holiday and my daughter was bitten many times by bed bugs.  We visited our local doctor here on the Gold Coast in Australia and she was so very kind to recommend your product.  We are amazed!  This is the only medication that has worked.

I am a flight attendant and visit Singapore often, could you please advise me where I can purchase your products.  I am also very keen to try Rumagon as I suffer from muscle and joint pains.

Thank you kindly from a very happy customer with an even happier 11-year-old girl!


While coming from Singapore I purchased few bottles of your Double prawn branded RUMAGON oil from Singapore Airport duty free shop. It gave a big relief of my joint pains.  But now all the bottles which I have bought have finished.

I will be ever thankful if you kindly arrange to send me 12 nos of RUMAGON by post in my address.

Madam Toh

When I was a kid, there was always a bottle of Herbal Oil in my little medicine kitchen. My mother trusts it very much and often uses it to treat us all kinds of minor problems. My mother said it is a good companion for living at home. When I got married, my mother gave me a bottle specially.

Madam Chan

Hi! A friend bought me your company’s products in Singapore and it worked well for me. I want to buy your company’s product again, but I don’t know if I can buy it in China or in which way I can buy this product. Looking forward to your answer. Thank you!

Mr Lee

Hi! I am a fan of your products, how can we buy them from you? We live in Taiwan, where can we buy it? 

Mrs Lee

I have used your Herbal Oil and found it very good. Now I want to buy more bottles.

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Madam Wu
Hong Kong

Your company’s Rumagon produced by Mr. Yeoh Liew Kung is indeed effective for my husband and I who suffer from backache and arthritis pain.

Mr Xin

Hi! The Rumagon produced by your company is especially effective on my wife’s calf pain, and other medicines are useless. It is only useful to use your product. 

Mr Wang

I am a rheumatism patient in Fujian Province, China. For a long time, rheumatism has brought many inconveniences to my life. When the weather changes, my muscles and bones are painful. Recently, I heard a friend introduce your company’s Rumagon with good results. I bought a bottle for trial. Sure enough, the name is well-deserved, and the effect is very good. My muscles and bones are no longer as painful as they used to be, and I feel so easy to work, and my body is much better. Here I would like to express my deep gratitude to your company!