Exercising or partaking in casual physical activities are great ways to destress and keep yourself healthy. However, if you don’t take the necessary steps to take care of your body, you could suffer muscles aches or joint problems frequently. Don’t let these preventable injuries deter you from your activities and make the necessary changes to your exercise routine by following these simple tips!

1. Make sure to warm up!

Doing simple warmups before exercising can help warm up your muscles and increase blood flow to them. This helps to loosen your muscles and loosens your joints, making your body more flexible during physical activities to reduce muscle soreness and lessen your risk of injury.

2. Drink water.

Most of your seniors will probably tell you to always drink plenty of water before any strenuous activities and they’re right! Being constantly hydrated can cool down your body temperature, loosen your joints, and transport nutrients to create energy. On the other hand, dehydration will prevent your body from performing at its highest level and may increase your chances of suffering muscle cramps, fatigue, dizziness, or even more serious symptoms.

3. Take adequate rests.

If you are feeling the effects of muscle soreness from a previous exercise, you are highly encouraged to wait 48 hours before working the same muscle groups intensely again. However, if you do want to continue the exercise, try attempting limited or lighter exercises using the same muscle group. This helps reduce the risk of injury to your muscles. For example, if you are sore after running the previous day, a light walk or bike ride the next few days can help.

4. Apply HuoLuo Oil after physical activities.

HuoLuo Oil contains essential natural oils and can be easily applied on the target area after workouts as a remedy to prevent or relieve muscle tension, stiffness, cramps, and joint stiffness!
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5. Cool down.

Just like warming up, it’s also important to stretch after working out! Your muscles are relaxed and more flexible when they’re warm. Stretching helps your body to circulate blood away from your muscles and back to your heart to aid in recovery.

6. Know your limits.

It may be tempting as a beginner to push yourself harder in order to see more results, but it is crucial to progress slowly with exercise. Over time, you can increase the difficulty of the exercise so that your body can slowly strengthen and adapt to more difficult exercises. Trying too much too soon would most likely cause injuries to yourself.

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