What is HuoLuo Oil?

The term 活络油 (HuoLuo Oil) is actually a generic name for an application oil used for symptoms such as muscle aches, joint pains and more. The term “Huo Luo” in mandarin means to loosen up, referring to loosening joints and muscles. HuoLuo Oil has been used in China for relieving pain for centuries, and this old product has been reinvented by Double Prawn brand to bring a new product to you. 

What is Herbal Oil?

The most popular product is the Herbal Oil or 双虾标青草油 (Double Prawn Qing Cao You). The Herbal Oil was created more than 50 years ago, and was sold at an affordable price to make it accessible to more people. The oil helps provide relief for physical injuries such as cuts and abrasions. Ingredients included also help to disinfect wounds, and prevent them from getting infected. It is currently widely sold in countries such as Malaysia, Australia and China. 

There is a distinct difference in the uses of HuoLuo Oil and Herbal Oil. HuoLuo Oil is used for muscle and joints related injuries while Herbal Oil is used for physical injuries on the skin, such as insect bites, cuts or swells. For all the functions of Herbal Oil, do visit our product page to find out more. 

What is Rumagon?

Double Prawn Brand Rumagon® liniment (双虾标风湿油) is made to relieve joint aches, stiffness, and pain associated with arthritis, backache, strain, cramp, and sprain. Although the uses for Rumagon are very similar to HuoLuo Oil, there are still slight differences between them. 

The main difference lies in the ingredients used, which results in the two oils having different scents. Rumagon Oil came first and although it is a product well-received by certain groups in Singapore, there are some who find the smell too strong for their liking. Thus, HuoLuo Oil was created as an alternative that’s easier on the nose. The effects of the oils may differ from person to person, so we do encourage you to try the different products to see what suits your needs best. 

Our products

All our products use natural herbs and ingredients, making it safe for external use for all ages. Over the years, Tai Tong Ah has strived to improve quality assurance through production automation and new machines. Tai Tong Ah received certification for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) from the Singapore Health Sciences Authority (HSA) in 2008, a certification that is recognised by many countries.

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