Tai Tong Ah Company has been featured in newspaper reports as well as documentaries on television.


Newspaper Ad 1980s
Pioneers 1995
Family Tree 2005
Goodies for Starwalkers Malaysia 2009
Herbal Oil Ad Straits Times Singapore 2009
Rumagon Ad Straits Times Singapore 2009
Mind Your Body 2009
Lianhe Zaobao Article 24 Sep 09
Zaobao Interview (English) 27 Sep 2009
Lianhe Zaobao Interview 2009


Herbal oil online video 11-08-09 (Mandarin)
Tai Tong Ah Video (English)
Herbal Oil Video (Mandarin)
20100323 雙蝦標 Video (Cantonese)
Tai Tong Ah Documentary
Singapore Healthcare for the world TTA (English)
Singapore TCM TV Documentary 2009
Malaysian TV ad (youtube)


Early days of Tai Tong Ah Company
Founder: Mr Yeoh Liew Kung
Marketing Events