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What our users say

Ms Elifi

I work in a kitchen in an F&B outlet where incidents like being scalded or cut are very common. What comforts me most is knowing that I always have Double Prawn Brand Herbal Oil with me. It helps to soothe the scald, stops bleeding for cuts, and most importantly disinfect all wounds for a speedy recovery. I am satisfied with this product. This product is a must-have item in households and workplaces.

Ms Rachel Lim
Producer in the Arts, Singapore

There was always a bottle of Qing Cao You (Herbal Oil) at the corner of the bedside table in my grandfather’s room. Whenever we fell or had itchy mosquito bites, we would sit by the bed (with the fan on in front ready to soothe) and grandpa would apply the oil on the affected area with a cotton swab. Having used the oil since young is one of the biggest reasons we became resilient kids cos we know all will be ok in a while. This habit followed and now I keep a bottle of Herbal Oil on my bedside table and apply it whenever itchy rashes develop, and the rashes will be gone the next day! Oh and the sweet, trusty smell of the oil, it’s always a reminder that all pains will pass and all wounds heal.

Ms Ginalyn Villion

This Herbal Oil is very effective when I apply the bleeding stop immediately. I will definitely buy and bring back to Philippines to share with my family and friends.

Mr Jayden Ang
Business Development Director, Singapore

I have been using Herbal Oil since I was a kid. This product accompanied me throughout the various stages of life, especially during my National Service days to ease the fungal infection and insect bites.  Until today, it is still a must-have item in my first aid box. Thank you for an amazing product that truly works.  

Mr Max Cheng
Senior Manager of a Public Organisation, Singapore

Qing Cao You is the go-to medicated oil in our household ever since I was a child. It provides fast acting relief and greatly speeds up the recovery process for insect bites, cuts and abrasions. It works great for drying out pimples overnight too. The distinct aroma really brings back nostalgic childhood memories of ah-ma’s nagging as she attended to her naughty grandchildren’s playground “battle wounds” with Qing Cao You!

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