HuoLuo Oil vs Other Double Prawn Products

The term 活络油 (HuoLuo Oil) is actually a generic name for an application oil used for symptoms such as muscle aches, joint pains and more. The term “Huo Luo” in mandarin means to loosen up, referring to loosening joints and muscles.


Why TTA’s HuoLuo Oil Is Superior?

Double Prawn Brand HuoLuo Oil (双虾标祛风活络油) is a uniquely developed formulation, gentle to the skin with a pleasant fragrance. It contains natural essential oils that provide relief of muscle and joint aches, pains, tension associated with cramps, stiffness, and mild arthritis.


HK Actress In The 70s

In the ‘60s and ’70s, Hongkong movies dominate the cinemas in Singapore, and actresses like Yu often grace the covers of entertainment magazines. Calendars that have pictures of popular actresses were proudly displayed in homes. Small businesses like Tai Tong Ah would have such calendars printed and given as gifts during the final months of the year.