Gone are the kampung days of old when traditional medical products could just be produced at home by anybody and then sold in the village market.  While we could celebrate the free spirit of enterprise then, we should also realise that consumers of that era were not protected from unhygienic production methods, the use of poor quality (or worse, harmful) material or downright deception.  

With greater education and rising affluence, Singaporeans are now more quality conscious and discerning in their product purchase.  And rightly so.  This is where GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) comes in.  Health Authorities in most countries require that manufacturers of pharmaceutical products (including traditional medicine) be properly certified by law.  GMP protects the consumers from risks such as:

  • product contamination, which could cause damage to health 
  • incorrect labelling, which could lead to consumers taking the wrong medicine
  • excessive active ingredients, which could result in adverse effects

Even though Tai Tong Ah started from the laissez-faire and unregulated environment of the 50’s, our production methods have evolved with the times and kept pace with the regulatory environment.  We are a firm believer in product quality.  

Tai Tong Ah has been GMP certified since 2008.  In 2019, we spent more than a million dollars to set up the current GMP-certified plant at Kaki Bukit.  This investment enables us to maintain our products at a high quality and protect our customers’ interest.  Quality control is a non-negotiable in the medical product industry.   

We have implemented more than 100 quality control activities from start to end for each manufacturing cycle of every product to ensure our products are safe, pure, and effective.  You will see the letters GMP on the label of every product from TTA.  You can be assured that the product has met the quality requirements of GMP.


Francis Yeoh

Dr Francis Yeoh is the youngest son of our company's founder, the late Mr Yeoh Liew Kung. He is presently Professorial Fellow for Entrepreneurship at the School of Computing, National University of Singapore (NUS).