Whenever we think of arthritis, we think of chronic joint pain that makes daily tasks difficult to do. However, that is just a common misconception. Arthritis usually displays itself through various symptoms. They start off mild and gradually develop into something more serious over time. If mild arthritis is detected early, treatment will stop the pain from worsening. 

Four common joint symptoms point to the possibility of mild arthritis, but this does not confirm a diagnosis. Only a healthcare professional can tell you for sure. 

  • Pain: The pain caused by arthritis can be persistent or not and can occur when you are moving or resting.
  • Stiffness: The stiffness is usually worse in the morning or after a period of inactivity and lasts for more than an hour at a time.
  • Swelling: The skin over the joint will be red and swollen and can last for days.
  • Reduced mobility: Simple tasks such as getting up from a chair becomes painful.

When talking specifically about mild arthritis, these symptoms while noticeable will not disrupt your daily activities. 

With the mild form of the disease, treatment will help to manage the pain more effectively and it starts from making positive lifestyle changes. Regular lightweight exercise that does not require your joints to do repetitive and strenuous activities, losing weight, and maintaining a healthy diet are just some things you can do to achieve a healthier lifestyle. As for medication, pain-relieving medicated oils, such as the Double Prawn brand HuoLuo Oil is effective in relieving joint aches and stiffness. Not to mention, it is also made up of natural ingredients including essential oils with a pleasant fragrance.

Since there is no cure for arthritis, early detection and treatment make a dramatic difference in the disease’s impact later on in life. Living a healthy lifestyle and using the effective medication can slow the disease progression.

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