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For over half a century, Tai Tong Ah’s Double Prawn (双虾标) products have provided relief from physical ailments and muscle aches for generations of satisfied users. Building on this success, the company launched YnL, a new range of botanical aromatherapy product, in 2022. YnL combines the efficacy of traditional medicated oil with the distinct fragrance of natural essential oils to uplift moods and restore wellness.

Tai Tong Ah is now seeking individuals, influencers and companies under the affiliate program. You may already be offering products, lessons or services in the areas of personal wellness, health or sports. By integrating our products into yours, the value of your offering may increase.

As an affiliate, you will be able to:

  1. Offer our products at a discount to your followers and/or customers;
  2. Earn commission for each online sale referred by you; and
  3. Tap into our publicity programs to grow your follower base.

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