You might have heard of Tai Tong Ah’s highly effective Double Prawn Brand Herbal Oil (双虾标青草油) which has been in the market for over 50 years. Well, the company has formulated a new product under the Double Prawn Brand called HuoLuo Oil.

What is HuoLuo Oil?

Huo Luo Oil, also known as Wood Lock Oil, is a medicated external analgesic that relieves muscular and joint pain. 


What makes the Double Prawn Brand HuoLuo Oil (双虾标祛风活络油) stand out?

1. GMP certified

Tai Tong Ah has received a certification for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) from the Singapore Health Science Authority (HSA). This means that our medical products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. You can rest assured that every purchase of the Double Prawn Brand HuoLuo Oil is of quality!

2. Ingredients

Eucalyptus Oil – used for many years in many products to relieve cough, colds and congestion. Also used to repel pests and disinfect wounds. Lastly, it is used to ease joint pain.

Citronella Oil – used as insect repellent, antifungal agent and promotes wound healing. Also provides a nice smell.

Camphor – used to reduce pain, insect strings, relieve burns and itching.

With the inclusion of carefully selected essential oils, the Double Prawn Brand HuoLuo Oil extends its functionalities to include more than just ache relief. With one product, you get so many uses!

3. Effective, affordable, convenient 

Effective: HuoLuo oil’s formulation is actually an improved version of the Rumagon oil which has demonstrated high efficacy. As mentioned above, Tai Tong Ah is also known for their effective products and ingredients used. From its humble beginnings in Singapore, Tai Tong Ah has established itself to be a well-loved brand by many around the world including Asia, Africa and USA.

Affordable: one bottle of HuoLuo oil (50ml) can be used for weeks or months. Priced at $9.30/bottle, it is definitely value for money. Compared to a typical body massage at $38, why not give this cheaper alternative a go and test its effectiveness for yourself?

Convenient: HuoLuo oil can be found at many pharmacies and online retailers, and can also be brought around easily for application anywhere anytime. Going for a hike? (Check out these places we recommend! )

Experience its effectiveness yourself today! (here)