Tai Tong Ah has developed a new range of botanical aromatherapy medicated oil. These combine the efficacy of traditional medicated oil with the distinct fragrance of natural essential oils to uplift moods and restore wellness. YnL (short for Yuanlin: 源林 – the origin of forests) is an exciting new product line that comprises several fragrance directions that cater to different personalities and lifestyles.

Be a volunteer and receive free samples

We are now recruiting volunteers in Singapore for In-home Market Placement Test. Qualified volunteers may receive test kit and product sample, completely free. All you need to do is to complete some survey questions at specific intervals.

The timetable of the program is as follows (all dates shown are 2022):

Jan 20 – Feb 28Recruitment & screening of volunteers
Jan 25 – Feb 28Selected volunteers to be informed and receive test kit in mail
Feb 7-28Volunteers test out samples at home and submit feedback online
Feb 21 – Mar 15Qualified volunteers (second round) receive product samples in mail
Mar 1-15Volunteers test out samples at home and submit second feedback online
Mar 16-31Winners to be informed and receive mystery gift.

To start, please tell us about yourself:

Please note that Tai Tong Ah Company Pte Ltd reserves all rights to

  • Select any volunteers
  • Amend the rules and conditions of this activity at any time

Our decisions are final.

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